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Controlling Pests and Diseases Naturally

Chris Smith £85 Fri 18 Sept 2020

Controlling Pests and Diseases Naturally

Full day workshop with Chris Smith, Pennard Plants on

Friday 18 September 2020

Why do we need to control pests and diseases in the garden? What should we try and control and what should we encourage - even the worst pests have a good side! After passive pest control and companion planting, what else can we do? Healthy plants can fight off pests and disease and we’ll discuss how to achieve this. If we have to resort to fighting pests and diseases, what natural resources can we use. Chris will show you how to make, use and store your own pesticides and fungicides without resorting to chemicals. There will be plenty of time to discuss all your specific problems and experiences (but please keep any examples that you bring with you in a sealed bag!)

The workshop will run from 10am to 4pm including a two course lunch. Coffee will be available beforehand from 9.30am and tea and cake afterwards, so there will be plenty of time to wander around the Walled Garden and buy plants and herbs.

Cost £85 per head, maximum 12 participants

To book please contact 01874 730 169

Chris Smith is Head Gardener at Pennard Plants, located in a Victorian walled garden in Somerset and established in 2001. The nursery offers a wide range of edible plants, heritage seeds and trained fruit trees. They exhibit at the major flower shows where they have won numerous awards including several Gold Medals at Chelsea.